This summer the membership of the Berrien Artist Guild held elections. Along with the incumbents, Susan Solon and Stephen Smith, the organization welcomed three new directors, Marcy Simpson, Caroline Tubbs and Nancy Willey. Let’s get to know them a little better.

Marcy Simpson, Executive Director of the Southwest Michigan Tourist Council, chose to run for the board because in her words…  “The Berrien Artist Guild is such a unique cultural gem. They’ve done important work for the community for many years and I felt the time was right to see if there was something I could bring to the table as a Board Member.” Simpson hopes to help the Berrien Artist Guild and the Box Factory for the Arts accomplish marketing needs, fill volunteer needs, and continue the Creative Connections partnership. She looks forward to meeting the community within the Box Factory and is honored to be able to serve in this way.

Caroline Tubbs, Marketing Manager, Honor Credit Union, has always had a passion for the arts. Joining the board was of interest to her because it is the type of involvement which combines her passion with community.  Tubbs hopes her experience in marketing and visual storytelling can help the Box Factory for the Arts community. She believes there are great stories in our community to tell. Her favorite thing about the Box is that “it’s a community space and studio space for local artists. Seeing people do their craft inspires me to create.” Tubbs has volunteered for several organizations since moving to the area in 2015. Including the Krasl, Boys & Girls Club, and the OutCenter. However, moving, COVID, and kids have kept her from volunteering most recently. She’s happy to be getting involved again!

Nancy Willey, Retired Communications Professional, chose to run for the board for a variety of reasons. Having attending events at the Box Factory for many years she was very familiar with the unique venue that has exhibited her family members’ art as well as provided a stage for their musical pursuits. Willey is the daughter-in-law of one of the founding members of the Berrien Artist Guild, the late, Barbara Willey. Joining the board is her way of giving back and getting more involved with a vital community organization. While on the board, Willey hopes to use her background in communication arts and media to help promote the Box Factory, build membership, and let people know the fantastic exhibitions, events, and classes available to them at the Box. She hopes to further the excellent work being done by the Box’s hard-working board members and volunteers.

The Board of Directors for the Berrien Artist Guild includes Judy Sokolowski, Dennis Gast, Linda Cooper, Rose Narregan, Michelle Rumsa, Salle Huber, Susan Solon, Stephen Smith, Marcy Simpson, Caroline Tubbs and Nancy Willey. They meet once of month to discuss the Guild and the operations of the Box Factory for the Arts. We thank them for their time and commitment.