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“I originally started volunteering at The Box in 2016 when I was asked to finish out a board member’s term. During that time, I got to know the members of The Box and really appreciate all of the people, time and effort it takes to create this space. I found myself volunteering for a variety of things, helping with fund-raising, elections and hospitality. In 2021, my husband Joe and I were asked to help run the openings and special events by organizing the refreshments. At most events you will find us behind the bar where we enjoy working with the other volunteers and the people who come to The Box.

Volunteering at The Box is truly one of the great joys of living here in St. Joe. Not only is it a creative space for artists, but it brings the community together. It is a good way to get involved in our community, meeting new people and working with a group dedicated to providing an artistic space for everyone to enjoy. I would encourage people to get in touch with The Box and consider helping out with the many opportunities to volunteer! ”

Kate Ulrey


“Since retiring from teaching in 2017 I volunteer for several chores around the Box. I have gravitated toward installing exhibits and advising the Exhibitions Director. I was gallery director at Southwestern Michigan College and have mounted about 40 solo shows of my own work. Curating, installing, and lighting art exhibits does so much to add to our visitors’ experience. Many of our exhibiting artists are not art school trained. It is a real treat for them to see their work displayed in a professional manner.”

For our two largest exhibits, the MAAC and the member show, I’ve trained teams from the Guild membership to help with the installation. Besides the learning, I think they gain a true sense of pride and ownership in our organization and in this grand old building.”

david baker

David Baker


“One of my favorite volunteer activities is bartending for exhibit opening receptions. It’s especially fun to do with my husband and the Ulrey’s. When we work as a foursome, we have our routine down and everyone knows what to do. The Ulrey’s are known for their creative cocktail mixes. We get to meet and chat with so many interesting people. It’s wonderful to be in an environment where artists can talk about their work and share it with others. Everyone has such a good time! It’s a privilege to be part of the energy and camaraderie at the exhibit openings.”

Karen Walker