Do you have time for a quick High Five? According to the Oxford Dictionary a high five is “a gesture of celebration or greeting in which two people slap each other’s open palm with their arms raised.” The Berrien Artist Guild wants you to imagine this “gesture” in a different way. We’d like to ask for your support, this December, to ensure continued celebrations of creativity at the Box Factory for the Arts year after year.

Please consider making a tax deductible gift of $5 or more per month to “High Five the Box Factory for the Arts”. To donate please go to If your preference is to make a donation by check please mail to Box Factory for the Arts, 1101 Broad Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085.

Here are some testimonials from those who have already given this month:

“…Unlike many arts organizations, the Box Factory continues to provide a venue for local and regional artists to show their work, accepting proposals from individual and groups of artists every year. And the organization is mostly powered by committed board members and volunteers, with few paid positions. I’m pleased to support this mission with my time and money!” Carol L. Myers

“I donated to High Five to sustain and strengthen both our arts and our civic community. The Box Factory is a tremendous resource for both.” Chris Brockman

“I donated to the box factory to help insure that local artists continue to have a place to meet & gather. On a more personal level, to provide a format for artists to interact regarding their work.” Greg Clark

“I gave to the Box because I’m inspired by all the creative energy and camaraderie that I experience when I’m there — whether in my studio or at a gallery exhibition opening — there are always interesting people around doing interesting things.  It’s a very special space and I’m grateful for it.” Deborah Baker

“I gave a High Five to the Box because this building and the people in the Guild have made me a better artist by providing countless opportunities to display and express my creativity. My life in St. Joseph would be a lot less colorful without my Box Family.” Betsy Gill

Thank you to all who continue to support the Berrien Artist Guild and the Box Factory for the Arts through their leadership, volunteerism, monetary donations and attending events/dance lessons and more inside our walls!