The Berrien Artist Guild concluded elections for their Board of Directors at the end of June. We’d like to provide more information about our four new directors and one returning director. These board members will join Linda Cooper, Salle Huber, Michelle Rumsa, Susan Solon, Marcy Simpson, Caroline Tubbs, and Nancy Willey. The Board will meet on July 8, 2024 to elect the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Deborah Baker
Deborah, an active member of the Berrien Artist Guild as the chair of the Resource and Development Committee, has worked as a Non-profit Management Professional Fundraising Consultant.

Deborah says, “I have been a tenant of the Box Factory for over 5 years, and very much appreciate and respect all the hard work of the many volunteers who contribute so much time and talent. Having built collaborative working relationships with a number of people who make the Box Factory run, I’d like to continue to participate in the collective efforts to steer our organization forward. We have a unique purpose and mission, and I’m excited about the future as we continue to grow.”




Dennis Gast
Dennis is currently on the Board and will continue to serve the Berrien Artist Guild. In addition to the Berrien Artist Guild, Dennis is a member of the Michigan Farm Bureau, Sarett Nature Center, Upper Peninsula Trappers Association and the Copper Country Audubon Society.







Gail C. Michel
Gail is currently an owner at 1232 Broad Street Mercantile. She spent 35 years as a buyer, furniture designer and director of merchandise.

Gail says, “In looking for ways to give back to the community, I joined the Box Factory and hosted a fund raiser at my store.” She is happy to join the Board and be a part of the great community.






Tisha Sandberg
Tisha Sandberg has been an assistive technology specialist at a private social services agency, providing adaptive technology solutions for children and adults with special needs. She also coordinated several children’s services programs and served as an independent consultant.

Tisha says,”Having a studio space at the Box Factory has been a positive experience. There is so much potential at the Box, and I would love to see it not just survive, but thrive in years to come. I believe I bring energy and a fresh perspective and am committed to doing whatever I can to help make that happen.”





Bridget Madden Stratte

Bridget is currently the Billing Coordinator for Keefe, Campbell Biery & Associates where she is in charge of implementation and education training of all employees on billing software.

Bridget says, “I love the Box Factory. I think the use of space is well thought out as well as creative. I like to crunch numbers and feel I could be a valuable asset in reviewing cost expenditures, etc. with my extensive background in finance and sales.”