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The Box Factory for the Arts and the Berrien Artists Guild is proud to showcase our next exhibition,
Series 2: Featuring Jacqueline Baerwald, Joel Brussell and Wesley DeVries.
The show is again only online from our website. If you are interested in purchasing any of the art contact

Williams Gallery


The EmBRAce Project

Jacqueline Baerwald

Benton Harbor, MI   |  Collage Photograpy

Artist Statement

The EmBRAce Project is a series of still life portraits that capture a feminine self image and what lies close to each woman’s heart – hinting at her world, internally and externally. The object placed on her “heart” symbolizes what is nearest and dearest to her right then, some cheering, others challenging. A quote accompanies each photo as if it were words of wisdom the woman would like to pass along to the viewers. Each image is named as if she actually existed, even though she is merely a portrayal of various identities. The images depict snapshots of each woman’s journey to embrace and process all the parts of herself that are potentially hidden, unexplored, guarded, discarded or privately held dear – the good, bad and the ugly. Will she embrace herself so fully that ultimately she can find the joy that’s hidden under all the layers of baggage? I hope so.

Artist Bio

Since childhood Jacqueline has drawn, sewn and crafted. During high school she took her first official art class which exposed her to painting and pottery. After graduating high school and taking three years off to travel and work with several youth outreach and personal development organizations, she attended community college, there solidifying her desire to pursue fine art professionally. She graduated in 2011 with an Associate in Fine Arts and a Liberal Arts certification, graciously being honored with the Graduating Art Student of the Year Award. She has been represented by ZIA Gallery in the Chicago area since 2016. Living in Southwest Michigan, Jacqueline continues creating her own studio work, entering shows, exhibiting in public areas and galleries, painting commissions, and encouraging young and old to pursue and explore their own creativity. 





Whitlow Gallery


In the Garden:A series of work inspired by the artist’s garden

Wesley DeVries

Grand Rapids , MI   |   Acrylic Paintings

Artist Statment

Abstract expressionist

 Using acrylics and gel mediums, I like playing with textures and shapes to create a composition. Maintaining expressiveness throughout the process, lots of changes occur  resulting  in something MORE in the finished product. Lots of times something I did not expect!


Artist Bio

Abstract expressionist and Grand Rapids native Wesley De Vries works in Acrylics. Using credit cards as his brushes, he paints ‘intuitively’ until the finished product. Retired from the tool and die industry he has taken community art classes since the 80’s. His paintings have been shown in coffee houses, Artprize and other annual art shows.

He is associated with Artists Creating Together and a member of Grand Valley Artists.

He has performed workshops and live paintings for Grand Valley Artists and other art related events.

He is always continuing to learn and enjoy with fellow artists in and around the Grand Rapids area.




Garden Mechanics

Riverwalk Gallery


Savage Sunsets

Joel Brussell

New Buffalo, MI   |   Photography

 Artist Statement

“With sunsets in the photography world having been done to death, my personal challenge was to create work a few notches above the schmaltzy hallmark card imagery, to find the somewhere else of being here , that mystery at dusk, yet keep the peace among the savage sunsets.”


Artist Bio

Joel Brussell has lived in New Buffalo for over twenty years. Joel studied anthropology until one day an established anthropologist gently put his arm around Joel and said I think you were born for creative writing.

Living close to the beach has been dangerous for his rock collecting habit but over the last few years the same spots now serve as photographic base camp. Often times he’s holding the camera at weird angles where he can’t actually see what he’s shooting. In short it ends up being a kind of visual crap shoot. He tends to believe intention is an accident at best. Even if results aren’t good for the day the afterglow of the beauty he experienced is fulfilling in itself. To put kibble in the kitty bowl Joel buys and sells everything under the sun found in state or municipal auctions as well as a small business specializing in vintage Herman Miller furniture