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The Box Factory for the Arts is pleased to announce the acceptance of the following artists for the 2021 Michiana Annual Art Competition (MAAC).

Akers, Doris     
“Basic Little Black Box-Tweet”
” Basic Little Black Box-Homage to Jean Battles”

Amador, Mary  
“The Things We Leave Behind, Sometimes Follow”
“Her Hiding Place”

Bailey, Heidi   
“Bad Fruit is Heavy to Carry”
“Kisses aren’t Contracts”

Baker, Arianne  
“Self-Portrait in Payne’s Gray”

Baker, David 

Baker, Jacqueline 
“Moonlight Cairn”

Barefield, Holly
“Cat with Glads”

Bednar, James 
“Sunflowers in Sun”
“After the Rain”

Bergerson, Amy
“The Itch”

Binnington, Kerry
“Carol’s Sunflower”

Bowman Anthrop, Judy
“OxBow Front Porch”
“Lagoon at OxBow”

 Bowyer, Brenda
“As I Remember It”

Briggs, Robert 

 Brown, Nicole

 Bult, Teri

 Campbell, Stephanie

Choate, Terry 
“When will you be done?”

 Clifford-Bandstra, Maggie

 Constantine, Greg

 Constantinov, Kei J MFA
“Strumpets on the Rialto”

Culverhouse, Bryce
“Double Transformation #1”
“The Notorious RBG”

DeMarris, Pamela 
“Woman with Apples”
“Headmaster, Son, Daughter and Mother keeping the Beat”

Dobberstein, Rhonda
“Panes of the Insane”
“Involuntary Confinement”

Fehlner, Thomas
“Fall Ferns”

Ford, Briggs
“Tangerine Tides”

Gatto, John
“Train, Manhattan”

Gibbs, Janie 
“Fallen Soldier”

Gleissner, Phil
“Snowy Owl”
“Snowqualmie Falls”

Grady, Kandy
“Madonna and Child”

Hannigan-Green, Jennifer
“Love is My Strength”

Heaton, Jeffrey & Theresa
“Glacial Impact”

Helm, Herbert 
“The Gold Bridge”

Hoffman, Kane 
“poking at pretentiousness”
“with what i can control”

Ingle, Michael  

Jones, Douglas
“Cornstalk Stubble”
“Snowy Thicket”

Kaptur, Sheryl
“Unconditional Love”
“Forboding View”

Kelly, Mark
“Tristate Race: View Through the Lazyjacks”
“Tristate Race: Rafted Boats”

Killoren, Glenn
“Serene Morning”
“DuSable Harbor at Daybreak”

Kubicek, John 
“Keeping Time”
“Beautiful Lake Michigan”

Kuehl, Laurel 
“Tropical Dusk”
“Veiled Light”

LaFerle, Douglas
“The Flame”

Lane, Melissa
“Blue Plate Special”
“Fun(gi) In The Woods”

LaRouech, Pete 
“My Passion”
“What do you SEE??”

Lemmen, Diann 
“Scarlet Maples”

Maloney, Mari
“Flamingo Flair”
“Neon Lights and Neowise:  Hypnotize”

Manjrekar, Pallavi

Margoni, Nathan
“Desperate Times”

Matilis, Lena 
“Beyond the Bend”
“Lake District”

Maxon, Robin
“Lost Caws”

Mitchell, Marcy
“This is The Life”
“Reaching for Something Unseen”

Murzyn, Louisa
“Soar On”
“Ruffled Feathers”

Myers, Carol  
“Spirited Bird”
“She Walks in Power”

Nivala, Pam
“Ocean Surge”

Norris, Carly 
“The Sound of an Empty Room”

Nye Hallisy, Judy

Orlovska-Soaltys, Olga 
“Grandmother lullaby”
“Two Angels”

Payovich, Matt 
“Picture of Miss Leyla”
“The Small Tuna Obsession”

Plee, Susan 
“native spirit”
“who are you”

Potis, Deb
“Softly Spring”
“My Other Garden”

Pries, Mick 
“Singing with my Friends in the Garden”

Ray, Zech 
“Skipping Stones”
“Summer Lillies”

Rotter, Becky  
“Trio in Black and White”
“Server in Black and White”

Saenz, Sherry  
“A Different View”

Sawyer, Keith
“Superior Cairn”

Schmidt, Meredith 
“The Bengal and the Peonies”

Schmidke, Laurie  
“Evening At Froggy Fountain”

Schwadron, Candace 
“Winter Sunset”
“Closed For Business”

Seely, Diana 
“Drawing a blank”

Sheldon, Susan 
“playing chicken”

Smith, Veronica 
“Forest Stair”
“Resting Monarch”

Spohrer, Joan
“Midnight on the Green Line”

Stec, Ronald 
“Lion’s Beach”
“Dunes Magic”

Stieglist Black, Kari  
“Mary’s Pins”
“Big Bang Bowl”

Tackett, Denise
“Art Studies- Complementary Colors”

Tackett, Tom 
“Clover Bottom, Kentucky”

Tomshack, Jennifer 
“Late Have I Loved You”

Vander Kley, Kelly
“The Cow Jumped Under the Moon”

Victor, Leslie 
“Shaw Walker:  the Color of Decay”

Wagner, Mark
“Celebrate Us Home”

Waters, Sarah 
“Peaceful Turbulence”

Wenig-Horswell, Judy
“Leaf Fantasy 5:  Untitled”
“Leaf Fantasy VI:  Ghost Frogs

Wertanen, Grace 
“Le Bâtiment”
“Reminiscing Arizona”

Williams, Robert 
“Taking a Break”
“Curled Up in Her Favorite Chair”

Wirtz, Bic 
“Little unites forming a unit”
“Windows to the Pandemic”

Wise, Jay 
“Missed Opportunity”
“The Mystery”

Witkowski, Mary 
“Family Bean Trip”
“Tuscany stroll”

Wood, Kimberly  

Yoder, Kenton  
“Just Blue”

York, James  
“St Joseph river tugs”

Young, Darci Lynne 





  • Artwork Drop-off:    April 30 – May 2 (Noon to 4pm)

  • Judging of Winners:    May 3

  • Exhibit Installation:    May 10-14

  • Exhibition Open to Public:    May 14 – July 11


PLEASE REFER TO IMPORTANT THE DATES ABOVE to know the timing for art drop-off at the Box Factory for the Arts. 

FRAMING AND PRESENTATION for entries must be clean and prepared for exhibit. Canvas and two-dimensional art must be prepared and wired for hanging (no sawtooth or similar hangers will be accepted). All three-dimensional art must be self-supporting. Sizes for all art must not exceed 72” at its largest dimension or exceed 100 pounds. Pieces larger than this or installation art pieces will only be considered with the approval of the Board President of the Box Factory. The Box Factory reserves the right to refuse any work that is inappropriate, presented inadequately, or is misrepresented by the entry image.

SALE OF ART will be subject to a 30% commission charge that will go to the Box Factory. Artists will receive 70% of all art sales. All art must either have a sales price or be marked NFS (not for sale). No “price on request” markings will be accepted. Works for sale will be sold as exhibited with no substitutions or copies of the same work permitted. All art remains the property of the artist unless sold.

AWARDS will be selected by our judge, Mary Whalen, Photography and Digital Media Department Chair, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Prizes include $1,000 for Best of Show and $200 for Best of Category.

LIABILITY – all art is submitted at the owner’s risk. Although every precaution will be taken, the Box Factory does not insure work either in transit or while it is on the premises. By submitting work, the artist waives any claim against the Box Factory for loss or damage.

About the MAAC

The Michiana Annual Art Competition, MAAC, is a local juried fine art exhibition intended to recognize, foster, and reward excellence of top artists in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana. The MAAC is held annually at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, Michigan and is supported by our association members, area businesses, and corporate sponsors.

For more information please email gallery@boxfactoryforthearts.org