Maybe you’re a student with a propensity for the arts. Maybe you haven’t picked up a brush in years, but your paints are calling you back. Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby or curious to try something new. We offer classes in all of the arts: culinary too. Scroll down to find out what’s ‘in the Box’ for you.


You’re a master of your art, whatever it may be. We want you to teach here… even if you’ve never taught before. We know you can do it. We value traditional mediums, and embrace new technologies. We think trying new things is rad, and we know some eager minds ready to soak up some knowledge.


We know you’re full of good ideas. Share ’em with us! What would you like to learn? What skill are you fascinated by? What have you always wanted to do? We provide classes that people want to take. Wouldn’t you like to be responsible for our next big hit?

Creative Development Classes & Workshops

Our enthusiastic instructors teach in an inclusive environment ideal for sharing knowledge, fostering curiosity, and cultivating creative potential.

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