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Williams Gallery


Invented Landscapes

Greg Constantine

Berrien Center, MI   |  Acrylic Paintings

Artist Statement

Claiming My Mountain

While traveling on the Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy about 15 miles northwest of Cody Wyoming in 2016, I was especially engaged by a 6,621 foot tilted stratified rock formation, (called a hogback, or flatiron, by geologists). When I returned to my studio and reviewed the images I had recorded of it, I knew I had to do something with them. Until now, I had not created landscapes during my 50-year career, but immediately began a series of sketches and paintings using a personal technique that resulted in “interpretations” of this formation…





Artist Bio

 Gregory John Constantine exhibited nationally for 45 years beginning in 1969, and since 1975, internationally in 9 European and South American countries. Most of these have been one-person shows, including 22 in premier New York City galleries. In 1986, he was the recipient of a Michigan Creative Artists Grant. Because of his outstanding exhibition activities and publications, he has held the rank of Artist-in-Residence and Research Professor of Art since 1996. Constantine has published eleven widely acclaimed books, beginning with “Vincent van Gogh Visits New York” in 1983. He retired from teaching at Andrews University in 2006 after teaching painting, drawing, and art history for 43 years, but he continues to create and exhibit his art.

Constantine was born in Windsor, Canada. He earned a Bachelor of Art from Andrews University in 1960 and Master of Fine Arts from Michigan State University in 1968. He became a naturalized US citizen in 1976.





Whitlow Gallery


Draw Up A Chair

Douglas Jones

Berrien Springs , MI   |   Paintings

Artist Statment

“My paintings’ styles vary considerably–I like to experiment with technique and medium. And my subject matter is varied too. However, in this exhibition I focus on objects that most of us see every day, that most of us use every day, that most of us probably take for granted–chairs. Solitary chairs. Groupings of chairs. Chairs crowded by other objects. Some of the paintings suggest loneliness; some suggest expectancy; some suggest sociability. Perhaps the viewer knows best.”


Artist Bio

Douglas Jones, an artist living in southwest Michigan, works mostly in acrylic and watercolor, and his subject matter is varied—from stacks of bricks to landscapes and still life. In this exhibit, he focuses on chairs.

 Douglas recently retired from teaching writing and literature at Andrews University: “Retirement gives me more time to paint and dither in my minuscule studio,” he says. He was an art minor in college and has taught art classes on the high school level.

 His paintings have been included in galleries and competitions in the upper Midwest. Over the last year and a half his paintings were featured at Aveline in the Benton Harbor Arts District; recently his painting “Winter Glow” won the 2019 Elkhart County Arts Alliance purchase award. You can follow him on Instagram: d_jones_painter.


Riverwalk Gallery


Dreaming In Color

Pete LaRouech

Berrien Springs , MI   |   Abstract Paintings

Artist Statement

I believe that color defines me as an artist. Many of my paintings are made up color combinations that other artists might not select. I enjoy experimenting with different color combinations that give my paintings vivid texture and movement. I find it fascinating to watch people react the first time they view one of my paintings. Most viewers see images in my works that I did not see or plan for. As artist this gives me pleasure and validation.

Artist Bio

Colorful abstract paintings using recycled latex house paint.

I started experimenting in 2017 using recycled house paint using different techniques until I found what I was comfortable with. I have always been drawn to colorful abstract painting and decided that is what I wanted to focus on. Fortunately for me, other artists have encouraged me to continue to work on my style and technique. I had my first gallery show in March of 2017 at the Vicksburg Cultural Center located in Vicksburg, MI. Since that time I have been accepted into juried shows in Kalamazoo, Three Rivers, South Haven, Holland, Ann Arbor, and in 2018 I was accepted into the MAAC. My biggest award was Best in Show 2D at the Carnegie Center for the Art located in Three Rivers in January, 2019.

Many of my friends were surprised to see the paintings I have completed in the last few years. Known to my friends as a physical kind of guy who has always been a competitive athlete, experimenting with painting was out of my comfort zone. I have never had any formal art instruction but, I did meet many artists who were helpful and encouraging which kept me going.

I focus on color, texture and color combinations. Now, I am able to manipulate the paint in different ways that I could not have done a couple of years ago. Those who have seen his paintings, see different images in them which makes each painting unique to the viewer.


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