Entries Accepted

Congratulations artists! The following pieces have been chosen to be a part of this year’s MAAC Show!

Artist Name Piece Title
Jenn Adams Despair’
Jenn Adams All That Remains’
Harry Ahn For the Birds
Melody Allen Fermoyle Beach #2
Mary Amador He Mended Her with His Promises and Broke Her with His Actions
Mary Amador If the Hat Fits
Nancy Arsenovic Trader Joe Ghana Style’
Heidi Bailey there’s no getting that clean
Heidi Bailey strength comes from steeping
David Baker Christmas Day
Kimberly Beck The Weight of Trees
James Bednar Where next?
James Bednar After the rain
Rita Berg Quiet Boats and Water
Kathryn Bogucki November
Anthony Bogucki Peony
Julie Bontrager Japanese Waterfall
Julie Bontrager Corn Flowers
Annie Bostwick Fossil Beach
Randy Bronkema Alley Refections
Randy Bronkema Sliding Sand
Diane Lynne Cheeseman Jump
Diane Lynne Cheeseman Education Attack
Pat Conrad Too Beautiful to be True
Bob Conrad A hawk taking flight is a beautiful thing…
Bob Conrad The early morning drive thru Montana… breath taking.
Greg Constantine St Gregoire 21 (triple mountains)
Greg Constantine Wyeth
Michele Corazzo Raku menhir
Michele Corazzo Brown menhir
David Cory Warrior Six
David Cory Faces
Kaylee Dalton Trim, Snip and Clip Away
Kaylee Dalton Giving it New Life
Holly Davis Divine Gestures
Lori Ehlke Olivia
Alli Farkas Sky Pads 10
Alli Farkas Sky Pads 11
Jeanne Fields The Inspiration of Water
Mary Firtl Mackinaw City Pulley
Mary Firtl Off the Beaten Path
Agnes Fisher Strawberry Fields Forever
Paul Flickinger 1000 Tea Bowls
Janet Frakes My Grandaughter Ashley
Janet Frakes Fond Memories of Great Grandma
Anushka Ganu Conch Shell
John Gatto Fireproof Escape: Mary’s Fireproof Hotel, Benton Harbor
John Gatto Relics of Faith: Makanda, IL
Kate Genellie Nedah
Kate Genellie Silver Wave
Lea Goldman Serenade
Lea Goldman Safe Haven
Leah Gose Fly Swatter
Dorothy Graden Crossing Over
Dorothy Graden Broken Promises
Harold Harris Oak Leaves
Jeff Heaton Double Espresso
Herbert Helm Iquitos
Christina Hollis Underwater Harmony
Nicolina Holt Irrelevant 001
Todd Hoover Many Souls and Their Unanswered Prayers
Todd Hoover Square, Circle, Triangle
Kristin Hosbein Early Artist
Kristin Hosbein First Bloom
Laurel Izard Chaperone
Laurel Izard Bear Medicine
David Jewell The Sentinal
David Jewell Flamenco
Judith Johnson Taking the lead
Judith Johnson Spring
Dori Beth Josimovich Sunday School
Dori Beth Josimovich Prisms
Vasilisa Kiselevich Old Jerusalem
Vasilisa Kiselevich The Eye and the Berry (Nascent White Morpho)
Nicole Kramer Soul Singer
Nicole Kramer Windy Sunday Chicago
Laura Krentz Peaceful Pasture
Douglas LaFerle Dreamcatcher
Douglas LaFerle Balloon Dart
Diann Lemmen Tears of Heaven
Tim Link The Large Multi-Hued Guitar
Kathy Los-Rathburn Farm Co-Op
Kathy Los-Rathburn Fall Up North
Brett Maniscalco January Sunset on the North Pier
Robin Maxon Sepia Boats
Ty Maxon Chicago Street Collection
Ty Maxon Geometric Trio
Nina Menduni Grace
Carol Myers Spring Vortex
Carol Myers Inception
Jillian Nadolski Eating the Alphabet
Dora Natella Awakening
Dora Natella torso#1
Brian Nelson Erlenmeyer flask’ (for Louise Bourgeois)
Brian Nelson This is my bag of (k)not’s
Obed Nieves Lopez Dreamscape
Obed Nieves Lopez South Haven Dreamscape
Pam Nivala The Dance
James Ohaver California Dream’in 63 Chevy
James Ohaver Sunset Dream in Orange and Teal
John Owen Yorkshire Hills Reflections
Nancy Payne Java Jive
Nancy Payne Chick-a-dee-dee-dee
Matt Payovich A Dog of Latitude
Clara Peeters Their Happiness
Caroline Robinson Starry Night on Lake Michigan
Kaitlyn Rode Remodel
Candace Schwadron Raw Weko Evening
Hans Scott Fire and Ice
Sara Sokol Rise
Sara Sokol Ripple Effect
Jan Sonneman San Francisco
Joan Spohrer NY State of Mind
Joan Spohrer Empire State
Bobbie Stagg flowers
Barbara Stephenson Hard Luck Hopson
Barbara Stephenson Mystic Sunset
Dee Thornton Approaching Storm
Shelley Timm-Thompson Red Arrow Relic
Shelley Timm-Thompson Baroda Fruit Stand
Rebecca Turk Beauty Beneath the Surface
Rebecca Turk Defiant Beauty
Nancy Turner Sunlit
Jose Velarde-Chan Echoes in Eternity (for dad)
Elise Weiler-Korb Anticipation
Elise Weiler-Korb Anticipation
Elise Weiler-Korb Nolan 15 Months
Judy Wenig-Horswell SAGE
Jan Weren Kachina Mask #8
Jan Weren Emergence #4
Melina Wilcox Batik
Rianna Willey Nighthawks
Rianna Willey Collector
Robert Williams Waiting at the Well
Rob Wise Postcard from America
Rob Wise And Yesterday Follows
Kevin Wolfrom Convergence
Darci Lynne Young Native American
Darci Lynne Young Faith
Tom Zaroff Submorphic State, Second